What I’ve learned from: Commenting on blogs

commenting on blogs

I have another blog.

Lately, I have been wondering : how could I get more people to visit my blog ? Among many answers, one was to comment on other blogs. I have been so busy managing my editorial content that I nearly stopped visiting other blogs and commenting was not even part of a plan.

So I challenged myself : from now on, I would comment every single post I read. I could not close the page without leaving, even the tiniest comment.

And this worked: I would always have at least one visit from the blog I commented. Maybe you will think one is small. But it gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to a new visitor and make yourself known. And who knows? Maybe, he’ll like you and start following you back. If you comment on, let’s say, 5 blogs everyday and get 5 new visitors each day who may talk about you, that’s at least 150 new visitors every month, and 1 800 at the end of the year.

Just by leaving a simple comment on a blog. That’s quite an easy strategy. And it takes no time. And bloggers really appreciate it.


I always notice people who comment my posts on a regular basis. I always go and see their blog and sometimes it leads to really nice discoveries. So why not be that person for someone else whom I appreciate reading ?

What about you ? Do you usually leave comments on blogs ? How do you make yourself known ?

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