What I’ve learned from : Having a blog

what i've learned from having a blog

Having a blog is pretty awesome.

It allows you to express your creativity, go beyond your limits, meet awesome people, create opportunities, share your finds and ideas, build a community, get feedbacks, get help and help people in return. It gives you a voice, pushes you to be more and more creative and ambitious. It helps you network and find people who share the same interests as you. It gives your work and skills a window where people, and even recruiters, can get to know and appreciate you more. It inspires you and it inspires others.

A blog is your moment of escape when you had a busy day. You can find your friends there. People you know and people you don’t know. People who like talking with you, sharing ideas and opinions. A blog is a meeting point. Where sometimes it all begins.

And I am beginning this new blog. In another language. To meet new people. And share what I’ve learned from life. And hear what you’ve learned too.


Do you have a blog too? Share the link ! And tell me how it fulfilled you !

Photo credit : What I’ve Learned From Life

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