What I’ve learned from: Having deadlines

what i've learned from having deadlines

For the past 3 months I have been writing a hundred pages for my research paper. It was the longest and most boring and painful thing ever. Why? Because I had no deadline to finish it. Yep, that’s right. No deadline. I could finish it in a million years if I wanted to (and if I was able to).

Not having deadlines makes you procrastinate/go very slowly/take all your time/be unproductive. That’s the worst thing ever when you need to get things done.

I was crying and complaining everyday about that damn thing that had to be ¬†finished so I could get my master’s degree. But I couldn’t find any motivation to work faster. Moreover, I had a lot of spare time to do all sorts of cool stuff like practicing my photography, hanging out with my friends, working on my other blogs, starting new awesome and creative projects. It’s always when you have work to do that even washing the dishes becomes really exciting.

Then one day, a friend tired of hearing me complaining about my research paper gave me a deadline : “finish it before your birthday or we won’t give you any present”. I felt like a child really. And this argument didn’t have much power on me. But thinking about finishing this as a present to myself was way more appealing to me. So I pushed myself to work twice as hard to finish this in time for my birthday. I was counting the days and pages I had left and tried to hurry as much as I could.

Well, I didn’t finish it in time. But I finished it a week after. Yeah, unexpected events had me stop working for a week. But I finished it ! And I really bless my friend for giving me deadlines and a goal to achieve. Without this, I would still be complaining on this stupid thing.

So my lesson here is : if you need to get shit things done. Create yourself a deadline with a nice reward and stick to it. You’ll thank me later.

Master’s degree here I come !

What about you ? Did you have trouble getting things done ? How did you manage this situation ?

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