What I’ve learned from: Time saving tech tips

Put your hand up if you spend way too much time browsing on the internet, texting your friends or taking random pictures of everything? Well I do.

And one of my favorite thing is looking for random genius life and time saving tips. You know, the kind of advice you get when it’s too late and you realise you’ve been wasting so much time of your life not knowing how to do things properly. Well, be happy because I have some quite awesome tips here to share with you.

Just watch this video from Tedx (I looove Tedx) that will make you save some time with your technology gear. Enjoy !

What about you ? Do you have some great tips to share with us ?

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What I’ve learned from : Having a blog

what i've learned from having a blog

Having a blog is pretty awesome.

It allows you to express your creativity, go beyond your limits, meet awesome people, create opportunities, share your finds and ideas, build a community, get feedbacks, get help and help people in return. It gives you a voice, pushes you to be more and more creative and ambitious. It helps you network and find people who share the same interests as you. It gives your work and skills a window where people, and even recruiters, can get to know and appreciate you more. It inspires you and it inspires others.

A blog is your moment of escape when you had a busy day. You can find your friends there. People you know and people you don’t know. People who like talking with you, sharing ideas and opinions. A blog is a meeting point. Where sometimes it all begins.

And I am beginning this new blog. In another language. To meet new people. And share what I’ve learned from life. And hear what you’ve learned too.


Do you have a blog too? Share the link ! And tell me how it fulfilled you !

Photo credit : What I’ve Learned From Life

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