What I’ve learned from: Commenting on blogs

commenting on blogs

I have another blog.

Lately, I have been wondering : how could I get more people to visit my blog ? Among many answers, one was to comment on other blogs. I have been so busy managing my editorial content that I nearly stopped visiting other blogs and commenting was not even part of a plan.

So I challenged myself : from now on, I would comment every single post I read. I could not close the page without leaving, even the tiniest comment.

And this worked: I would always have at least one visit from the blog I commented. Maybe you will think one is small. But it gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to a new visitor and make yourself known. And who knows? Maybe, he’ll like you and start following you back. If you comment on, let’s say, 5 blogs everyday and get 5 new visitors each day who may talk about you, that’s at least 150 new visitors every month, and 1 800 at the end of the year.

Just by leaving a simple comment on a blog. That’s quite an easy strategy. And it takes no time. And bloggers really appreciate it.


I always notice people who comment my posts on a regular basis. I always go and see their blog and sometimes it leads to really nice discoveries. So why not be that person for someone else whom I appreciate reading ?

What about you ? Do you usually leave comments on blogs ? How do you make yourself known ?

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What I’ve learned from: Love languages

love languages

It took me quite a time to understand this one. Time and frustration.

When you tell your partner how much you love him all the time but he doesn’t do the same. When your partner says he doesn’t see your love even though you tell him all the time. Does it sound familiar to you ?

It’s only when I read this that everything became clear. We all speak different love languages. We have different ways to express our love. For me it would be words and gifts. For him : actions and quality time. When I realised this, I started seeing my partner’s love for me more clearly and I was in a better position to express my love in a way he understands. All this useless frustration I’ve been feeling…

Everyone is different, we perceive things differently. Something that will matter to you may not matter to someone else. When it comes to your partner or friend or family, just identify what matters to that person, and what language does he speaks. Does he express his love with :

– words of affirmation

– acts of service

– receiving gifts

– quality time

– physical touch

Once you’ve identified this, the communication within your couple or relationship will be so much better. Your peace of mind as well.

If you want to learn more about the 5 love languages.

Have you ever felt that way in your couple ? What love language do you speak ?

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What I’ve learned from: Picking Daisies


Yesterday, I decided to pick fresh Daisies from my garden and put them in a pretty jar. We have really big ones so I thought it would be a nice idea.

I was wrong.

Guys, Daisies stink. Seriously.

They are way better in the garden. That’s a lesson learned.

Have you ever had a bad experience with flowers ?

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